Monday Memories

Ok, Ash, since you are wanting me to do these weekly blogs with you, and on such short notice, this is what I could come up with for today... 

Mondays will be for posting about memories (stories or pictures).  So, since this was last second, I will do a picture this week.

I believe this was maybe 2nd grade?  Weren't the 80's absolutely awesome!?

Don't laugh too hard...I know you all have similar pictures somewhere!


Ash said...


I love this picture!

80's swoopie bangs, scrunchie, AND a kitten shirt.

I can laugh. I have many of these. I think my 6th grade pic could rival this. I forgot I had pictures so my hair is greasy and pushed back in a head band. And I am wearing a red shirt with a gold rope on it. I know you remember that one, it was baaaddd.

Jason said...

awwwww you so cute baby!!!!!

Carolina Gal said...

HA!!! I think I did pretty good on your TONS of hair back then! The "look" of the 70's when I was a teen was the Farrah look. EVERYONE had it.
This is really one of my favorite pictures of you, though. So sweet.

Renea said...

ahhh, yes, the 80's. Josh was actually making fun of me being in school during the 80's today. He's a youngun:o)