I've Got Some Catching Up To Do!

 Where to start?!

This month has been such a blur!  I've been sick with the flu and bronchitis for the past week and a half, the week before that, we were at home for a short, but much needed visit. 

And the week before that, we had house guests for the week.  Our friends, Jimi and Rachel stayed with us while their house was packed and they started the process for PCSing (which means they got restationed in California).  It was a bittersweet week, we got to spend lots of time with them, but it was the last week we will probably see them for at least a year.  They are the type of friends who would drop anything to help you.  When we had our accident, Rachel was the first one at the hospital even though she was feeling under the weather, and Jimi was out of the country.  Those kind of friends.  We miss them terribly already!  Finding friends here is hard, as I've said many a time.  Most everyone is interested in drinking, partying, and hitting up the pool halls and dance clubs.  Not our scene anymore.  I guess we're growing up!  Rachel and Jimi are so similar to us..their idea of a good night is dinner and a movie, or PS3/Wii nights with take out!  I talked to her last night, trying to get used to our 3 hour time difference now, and they are getting settled in their new house on base in Pendleton.  She was telling me how they can see the ocean from their windows!  We are excited to try to plan a trip out there next spring!  We sent them on their way to toasty California, with a farewell snow!  And a good one at that!  Here's a few pictures from that snow:

Rachel and Me:

Jimi and Jason:

Kojak loves snow days!

 Jason and Jimi's snowman with the mohawk:

Our house:)

View of our road from the driveway:

The snow was so pretty, and everything was covered, but I think now, I have a little bit of spring fever!  We have so much we want to do outside to get ready for pool season!  

I have a recheck on my back tomorrow.  Nobody I've seen yet has wanted to do anything but throw drugs at me.  I don't want to depend on narcotics to get me through the day.  I'd like to try physical therapy or something like that.  Jason did PT and he is 90% better, even though they said he won't ever regain the feeling in his big toe.  Still minor in the grand scheme of things, but aggravating.  My back has been catching a lot this week, and it HURTS.  It will stop you dead in your tracks, and it's embarrassing at times, especially when you're in public and you all of the sudden have to hunch over.  So, hopefully tomorrow, I will get somewhere with this doc.  I also have to have a recheck on my lungs.

Jason just started a new class this week.  We can't wait to get through this one and start his 3 week break.  He will be taking leave this time, and we will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary on March 5!  No real plans on what we're doing yet, but I think we will spend some extra time at home with family this time!

So, this update hasn't been totally intriguing, but like I said, I've been quarantined for a week and a half.  Hopefully the warmer weather this week will bring better health, and fresh air, and we can enjoy some outdoor time!  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Carolina Gal said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. PT should help you with your back. I hope, anyway.
Your pics are good of you four in the snow. I still can't believe you've had more snow than we have. :op
Looking forward to that break. Not much longer, and you both can relax a little before starting back again.
Call me when you're done at the dr.
Love you so much,

Renea said...

Glad you are feeling better! Kojak is so cute in the snow:) Hope everything goes well at the doctors!