A USMC Gunnery Sergeant & Sergeant In Their Natural Habitat

Just Dance 2 is awesomely fun!  Our friends, Jimi and Rachel came over last night for a "dance party".  The camera conveniently went missing when it was mine and Rachel's turn;o)  Let me tell you, if you want some fun exercise, this is it!  Enjoy!  We certainly did!

**Oh...and pause the music player at the bottom of my page!**


Ash said...

LOL LOL. I laughed so hard. Jimi's got some moves! Jason cheats. So does Matt though.

I loved that Kojak was cleaning himself in the back of the first video..Ha ha.

Love you!

Carolina Gal said...

All I can say.....is White boys can't dance.
Jimi's got it goin' on!