A Smallish Update

The driveway at the new house HAS been moved, thank goodness!  I am so glad it is no long smack dab in the middle of our house..who would do that!?  Well..our neighbor, I guess.  The house at the first of our road has hers like that and it's strange.

I am coming close to finishing packing, I should get most of what's left done, this afternoon.  The stack of boxes that Jason so kindly brought me home from work yesterday, is sitting in front of me, staring me down.  I'm tired.

I am loving that my fall shows are back on!  Finally some good TV!  I have several CW shows that I love, plus Chuck, Glee, and Ghost Hunters are back!  Now, I just hope that cable is run to the new house before we move..I have had the worst time trying to get anyone to tell me anything, the cable companies have no clue, and neither does the housing company.

Well, today is officially fall, and the high here is 92.  I am absolutely ready for cooler temps, punkins, bonfires, hoodies with jeans and boots, brightly colored leaves, halloween candy, hot chocolate..the list is endless!  It can't come fast enough for me!  I am done with summer, have been for a while.  I would be completely fine if summer only lasted about a month.

Kojak thinks that we cheat on him.  Anytime we are around another animal (be it dog or cat), he won't stop sniffing us, and then he pouts (which is usually short lived because he is such an attention hog).  Sometimes I am amazed at how smart he is.  And annoying.

I am HOOKED on Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino.  It's a protein coffee-like drink and it rocks my socks!  It's my new breakfast.  The protein in it keeps me full for hours. 

My wonderful friend, Tiffany is coming to visit in two weeks from today, for about 3 days.  We haven't seen each other in almost a year, and it's a long overdue visit.  We met here in Jacksonville almost 4 years ago.  The military, and life have led us in different directions and she now lives in Florida, so we don't get to see each other too often.  We are both really excited!

Ok, well, this update turned into a not-so-smallish update.  Oh well!


Carolina Gal said...

Love the updates! I've not tried the Bolthouse drink yet. There are two in my refrigerator right now. I guess that will have to be a breakfast soon!
I'm glad you've found some friends close by that you can do things with that are normal. :o)
Love ya,

Renea said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you!:)