Sneak Peak

Our house has been put on our land, and they finished the underneath supports on Friday!  I will try to post update pictures as it comes along.

View from the cul-de-sac:

Some of my favorite features!

My walk in dressing room closet with TONS of storage:

My ginormous tub and make up counter:

Part of the kitchen with my awesome side by side fridge and freezer, I can't wait to fill those babies up!  And you can see my wood burning fireplace in the back..I'm super excited about cozy fires this winter!

Kitchen/Pantry from the front door:

Our bonus room with built in desk and storage.  A.K.A. my scrapbooking nook:

I will post more soon, but I figured I'd give you a peek at a few of the things I'm most excited about!  Not too much longer now!


Karen said...

Oooohh!!!! I'm excited with you! I can't wait to see how you decorate it. It will be beautiful! Oh, and I thought you had picked out different countertops for some reason?
Don't forget to buy your wood early!
Ashley's Fall decor looks fabulous! Hope she posts pics soon so you can see!
Love you,

Unknown said...

Nothing is more exciting than a new home! Love it! When do you guys expect to be moved in?

Christie Belle said...

Thanks Momma, I can't wait to decorate! Nope, same countertops..the other choices weren't as pretty as I had hoped. We are keeping our eyes open for good wood for sale. I can't wait to see Ash's decorations:) Love you too.

Renea..thanks! We are supposed to be moved in around the middle of October...about 45 days:)

Ash said...

I love it.

I also love your new profile picture. In fact.. I took that picture :)

I can't wait to help you decorate it very soon!

Ash said...

EXCITING!!! :) :) Love it already and I know it will be beautiful once you put your touch on it!! :)
Love ya!

Christie Belle said...

Thank ya, thank ya:) We can't wait to have everyone visit!