Changes In The Bedroom

My new bedding!

And, I moved a little furniture around because I needed a makeup table.  The lighting in my bathroom is terrible, so I am very happy with the new setup.  I can see what I'm doing, and sit down while doing my massive mop of hair:)


Karen said...

The new bedding is really pretty. I love how it looks against the dark furniture.
I find it funny that there is a fan there to cool you off when you're doing your make-up and hair. ;o) I can soooo relate.
Love you,

Christie Belle said...

Thank you:) I thought it was very complimentary too!

You know it! That hair dryer does me in, lol. I know you can relate better than anyone write now! Love you too!

Ash said...

I live in front of fans. I hate summer.

Love your bedding, makes me have the decorating bug again, I need to do my bedroom and bathrooms soon!

Love you

Ash said...

Love your new bedroom!

Karen said...

I like the new blog layout!