Dresser Makeover

Remember this old wood dresser from our house before the one we live in now? It served as our master bedroom dresser ever since we got married.
When we moved, and got new bedroom furniture, the old piece settled into the garage, and kinda became the catch all for storing things. Sad, isn't it!?The knobs were coming off, and the finish was slowly but surely peeling off. This piece belonged to my dad when he was growing up, then followed him to his family where it was my parents dresser for a while, then became Ashley's changing table when she was a baby, and finally found a home with me and was my dresser for years. I took it with me when we moved. It's a solid wood dresser and is still standing strong after so many years. I would never think of trashing it or giving it away, soooo....
We revamped it! It now lives in our "shabby" guest room. We went with a robin's egg blue.
We replaced the old broken handles with crystal ones.
And, creatively, banged it up a little, so it has that shabby chic look.
Complete with some new "shabby" decor and picture frames, I think it completes our guest room PERFECTLY! We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our dresser makeover! Old furniture can be as good as new furniture!


Jason said...

hey babe you did a great job on it, i think it's my fav. piece in the house love you

Karen said...

As I said before, I don't know why we didn't do that! Looks terrific!

Ashley A. said...

Looks wonderful! You are so creative! :) Great job on everything in the house! Can't wait to see it! Love you!