I Wasn't The Only One

That missed Jason like crazy!
Austin wouldn't let go of him once he got him:) It was so sweet.

Austin and Uncle Jason:

And then there was the greeting from our pup, he wanted to sit on his head:

A little calmer now, he didn't leave his side:

I think it's safe to say we all missed Jason so, so much! Everyone else got their hugs in too, and he was surrounded by love from the whole family. We spoiled him good to get him through the rest of the deployment. Which, by the way, has been SHORTENED!!! YAY! Instead of Feb. or March, I will have my sweetie home before Christmas. They are scheduled to leave in the first of December! Mom and I will be going house shopping the first week of November, and we are hoping to move me in the weekend of November 20. A busy rest of the year ahead, and I can't wait!


Karen said...

This makes me happy. ;o)

Renea said...

That is great news that Jason is coming home early. So happy for you guys! Kojak is soooo cute! Where are you guys moving too?

Jason said...

hey babe i like the new of this place you did a great job!!!!! i love and miss you