An Update All About My Sweetie

Most of you probably aren't familiar with the picture above. Not unless you know someone in the military. Specifically, the Marines. That is a picture of the Sergeant insignia, the patch that goes on all the dress uniforms. The patch that Jason will have to go buy for all of his uniforms when he returns home. Yes, that's right! Jason got promoted yesterday to SERGEANT!!!!!!!! Sgt. Morgan of the USMC. I am so flippin' proud of you, babe! He has worked so hard and his hard work has paid off! He has made it to the 5th rank in the Marines in his first enlistment. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself;o) And yes, I am bragging. I can't help it!
That next picture...a just because that came from my sweetie today. Aren't they gorgeous!? He knows me and my love for pink! Pink in all kinds of flowers. How nice is it to get flowers just because;o) Thank you, my love!

And, what may look like homemade festive decorations, doubles as our countdown until Jason is home for leave. Each day we tear one link off. It also helps Austin keep up with the days, as he's now asking more frequently for us to count off the days until his uncle "Hason" is home. It's fun and exciting as the chain gets shorter and shorter each day! It will be here in no time! Holy cow, I can't wait! Hope everyone is having a spectacular week. It's July, y'all!!!


Ash said...

Yes, you have one special man. We are all so proud of him. I cannot wait until he gets home in August, but even more so, until he gets home for good!

Love you!

Karen said...

Oh we are so very proud of you, Jason! Congrats Sgt. Jason. The flowers are gorgeous, and that chain is a pretty smart idea, too.

Ha! I just had to come back to tell you what the word verification was.....gutorat, as in gutter rat? Oh gracious.