A Look Into The Life Part 1

Jason driving a Humvee on a convoy:

Some of the guys in Baghdad, Jason is in the middle:

My handsome man, I am so proud of you!

Living Quarters:

The bunks...yes, the messy one is my Jason's.

Their "wall lockers":

They doubled their beds up so they could have a "living room".

I figured y'all might like a preview of what Jason is living right now. Yes, it's true that things have gotten much better over the years over there, but it's still nothing like home. J and his roomate (his name is Vince) have tried to set their room up to be a little more comfy. As you can see with the rugs, tv, and such. They went in together to buy some extras from the group leaving when they arrived. The guys leaving "recycle" their stuff which is how they get things like tv's for dirt cheap. Jason also took a PS2 and his roomate brought his XBox, so they can still game it up. The Baghdad pictures are from when he and the other guys went over to fix some equipment. That is not where he is stationed. I will be posting more of his surroundings next time.


Ash said...

It's nothing like home, but atleast they are trying to make things more comfortable.

It's a good thing that Matt and Jason aren't rooming together, the room would look like a tornado came through. That would be scary.

We sure do miss him :)

Karen said...

Oh goodness, look at that boy's neck! Body building is definately doing a number on him!
Is it me, or does he look like he's sitting really close to the steering wheel? He doesn't normally drive like that. A requirement?
The rooms have greatly improved, and they needed to. Looking forward to more pics.
Love you,

Renea said...

Thanks for sharing. What small quarters to live in, but I suppose it is better than a tent. I continue to pray for Jason.

Jennifer said...

I started crying before I even looked at the picture... THAT SONG!! you must not look at your own page much, I'd be a puddly mess every time I turned on the computer.

Great pictures! Is there a way to send boobie hugs through the computer? If so, send one to Jason for me ;o) You can do the honors!

So the first thing I thought when I saw the "Living Quarters" picture was... "Oh my! Obama put our boys in rent-a-johns!" Although after seeing inside, I'm glad they have those necessary ammenities like Playstations and xBox's :o)

Love you girl! Hope to see you soon!!

Jason said...

no mom i was leaning up to see my friend taking the pic, cause there is a a/c in the way. i have to admit we live ok out here last time out here was better the rooms were bigger. out like she said atleast it's not a tent. and for the messed up bed i was cleaning out my wall locker i "try" to keep my side neat. i could only wish i had matt as a room mate

Jason said...

ooooops by the way.....