My Revamped Mirror

This mirror was an extra hanging around at Ashley's, so with her permission, I snagged it up for my own to use at my makeup table. It was a plastic frame with mauves, blues, and golds swirled in some kind of pattern. Hence why it was just an extra (pretty sure it was left over from the 80's or 90's). We spray painted it black, first off. Then my sweetheart got me some really neat sticky vinyl paper (it was in my stocking for Christmas) that you cut with your handy, dandy Cricut cutting machine. So I popped in a font cartridge that I liked, and cut the words out on the vinyl. Peeled the back, stuck 'em on the mirror, and presto. Complete mirror make over. I'm pretty darn happy with the way it turned out.


Karen said...

Love the way you are rethinking things! Looks great!

Dawn said...

Very crafty and creative. Want to come and decorate my house. You might get to see a new baby too. He is trying to come a little early.

Jennifer said...

Love the mirror! great idea :o)

I get my templates from:


I love them!

Jason said...

hey babe i like the new look but i can't put my finger on the middle pic where was that taken? and i like the little ryem you got goin on thats cool. i love you sweetpea