My Poor Baby

Kojak was neutered today. I felt like such a bad puppy mom as I left him this morning. As my sweetie says, I can't believe you robbed my dog of his manhood. Haha! After saying my goodbyes and handing him over, he looked at me like I had become the ultimate betrayer. It broke my heart:( Austin, Alaina, and I went to pick him up this afternoon, and before we went back to the vet part, we shopped in the PetSmart part and got him a big bag of food, new treats, and a new tug of war rope toy since he and Austin looove to play tug of war (for when he's feeling better). We then went back to get him and he came bounding out the door, so excited to see me. It was like that was it for all of his energy though. Since then, he's been laying around (and laying on me), kinda whiny, and a little nauseous from the anesthesia. He threw up a little water. The vet told me to feed him about 1/3 of what he normally gets. He's already a puker, so no food 'til morning! Lots of water, that's about it for tonight. He has this terrible "e-collar". It was the saddest thing ever. It's like instant the second it goes on. He puts the opening to the floor and just sits there with his face inside the cone staring at the ground. I couldn't do it, so I am constantly yelling "Hey! No!" to keep him from messing with his sutures. I feel bad yelling at him because I know he doesn't feel good, but I'm trying to scare him enough so he won't mess. Tonight should be interesting. I think I will have to use the torture collar if I have any hope of sleep.
Oh, and Renea...I have Oakley's paper work from today, and I can mail it to you if you just send me your address in a comment and I won't post it. Just let me know!


Karen said...

Oh, poor thing. I know it was necessary, but it's still sad when they have to have surgery. Hope you have a good night with him.
Love you,

Jason said...

my POOR buddy got the kids taken away before he got to use them :( i'm sorry kojak i wish i was home to have saved you....i love you babe i hope you sleep good

Jennifer said...

LOL. Retard collar.

Dear Kojak,
Yes, it is true- all of your man glory was taken. But this is for the best, little big dog. Now you won't have that constant urge to go spread that man-sense around to all the little girl dogs. There will be no worries of little 'surprise' Kojak's appearing without your knowledge (your Mommy and Daddy will appreciate this.) You will feel better, and from what my husband says- you won't have to worry about getting hit in the nads. I hear that hurts.
Get well, little big dog!
With Love - Your Brother's Aunt,