My Better Half Survey:)

Yep, I'm stealing this survey from Jenn too:)

1. He's sitting in front of the television, what is on the screen?
A video game, Mythbusters, or any type of car/truck show.

2. You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Caesar, but it's so cute, he can neeever remember what it is he likes, so I always have to order his salad:)

3. What food doesn't he like?
Jason has never met a food he doesn't like...oh wait, wait...Key Lime Pie, he hates it.

4. You go out to eat, what drink does he order?
Usually it's sweet tea, unless we go to Red Robin, and then he always gets the fun lemonade drinks.

5. Where did he go to High School?
Davie High School, and East Rowan High School

6. What shoe size does he wear?
11 or 12, depending on tennis shoe, boot, or sandal.

7. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Philly Cheesesteak. I don't like him much after he eats them though:p

8. What would he eat everyday if he could?
Hmmm, probably macaroni and cheese with sausage in it.

9. What is his favorite cereal?
Strawberry Mini Wheats, or Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats...he loves the strawberry stuff.

10. What would he never wear?
Any kind of apparel with a military logo that is not USMC. Or skinny leg jeans, you know..those emo ones. I'm super glad for that one.

11. What is his favorite sports team?
Carolina Panthers, Carolina Tarheels, and USC Trojans

12. Who did he vote for?

13. Who is his best friend?
Other than me, of course...it would be Matt and my Dad.

14. What is something that you do, that he wishes you wouldn't?
Worry, worry, worry.

15. What is his heritage?
He's not even sure!

16. You bake a cake for his birthday, what kind is it?
White/Vanilla with the same type of icing.

17. Did he play sports in High School?
He was a Varsity wrestler.

18. What could he spend hours doing?
PS3, working on and building trucks, and especially when he comes home...spending time with me!

19. What is a unique talent he has?
He can build/rebuild a minitruck.


Ash said...

We sure do miss him :(

He is pretty great!

Jason said...

i know we do miss him awhole lot.....lol i miss you guys to. i love you sugar bear