Cookie Baking Day

So, the time rolled around to make some more chocolate chip cookies. But this time was different. This time, I had the best little helper ever. He's a short little fella with blonde hair and the cutest little dimples I've ever seen. Yep, it was my beautiful nephew, Austin. He and his mommy came for a wonderfully enjoyable week long visit last week. Cookie baking was definately more fun with my extra little set of hands.
Our yummy batter:
Cleaning the mixer paddle for me:Can I have some more?
Got the milk...check!
Time to chow down!

Yummy! That was fun and tasty!


Karen said...

Oh, I love the batter between the eyes! He's a very good helper!

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures!! It looks like your little nephew had a great and yummy time!! =)

Jennifer said...

How precious :o)
His faces are too funny :o) My favorite thing to hear him say is, "ooosBy" I love it! Those cookies look too yummy for my hips!

I'm stoked!

and NOBODY at church is gonna beat me... I've now got people not only driving an hour to come to Pine Ridge... now I've got friends driving 5 hours --- heehee! LOVE YOU, and seriously can't wait to see your beautiful face!