Fall Decorations are UP!

Welcome Autumn!

My pretty punkin flag waving in the breeze:

Sweet little grapevine punkin:

Yummy smells of fall!

Cute fall leaf tealight holders:

Fall/Halloween theme candy for the candy dish:
TV Stand DecorationPunkins EVERYWHERE!
More Punkins and Leaves
A new fall hand towel for the kitchen
Yay for fall decoartions!

Now, hopefully Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna doesn't come blow all my pretty decorations away. We're praying for a mild storm with no damage, and that the other storms will disappear!


Karen said...

Very Pretty!!
Hannah is still headed your way. Oh, and now there's IKE. YIKES, it's already a cat. 4. See you soon????

Anonymous said...

You are like your momma and loving fall being just around the corner.

I closed my gmail account and it had your mom's email address on it. I wanted to drop her a note. Could you send me her email? My address is grb312@sbcglobal.net

Dawn said...

I wish I was more into decorating for the seasons. It looks so cute in your humble abode. But I have a 2 yr old and a baby on the way. Not an option for me. My decorating is toys all over the floor. I guess I wouldn't trade it, but someday I would like to have a seasonal house.

Heather K said...

very cute. :)