I'm So Ready...

Temperatures nearing 100 degrees today, doesn't cut it for me. I don't like extreme heat, makes me nauseated. I'm tired of the heat. I'm a cool/cold weather type of gal. Here's some things I LOVE about fall:
~Blue Jeans
~Hoodie Sweatshirts
~Jackets and sometimes coats
~The smell of cold crisp air
~The colors of autumn
~Punkins (as we so fondly call them here in the south)
~Picking out the perfect punkin at the patch
~Warm, homemade, seasonal food (think punkin pies!)
~Hot chocolate from Starbuck's
~Family time by the wood burning fireplace at Daddy & Momma's
~Campfires with S'mores
~Leaf Piles
~Smells of cider and cinnamon
~Yankee Candle's Autumn collection
Ok, well, I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. We have 47 days until the first day of fall. September 22, it's on a Monday.
I'm so ready.


Karen said...

Oh! Mee too, mee tooooo, as Austin says!
I'm ready for the cooler weather, and the sights and smells as well.
We're hoping it will be cool enough on Labor Day week-end to have a campfire in the back.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, this has been one hot summer!!! In New Mexico you know fall is coming when you smell chiles roasting... can't wait for that smell!!! =)

Karen said...

I'm getting dizzy......I liked the other one, too. ;o)

Dawn said...

Wow I love the new layout. Where did you get it. I have been looking for a layout like that.