Yay For Learning To Sew

This weekend when we celebrated the 4th, and mine and Daddy's birthdays, I got my birthday presents from my family. My parents got me a new sewing machine! I was planning on getting one next year when Jason is deployed, but my Momma knows me well, and went ahead and decided that I needed to learn now:) I plan on trying my hand at some easier projects first, like a basic handbag and aprons. We'll see how well they go! What a super birthday present!
My new sewing machine set up and ready to go:

I'm so ready to take on this new hobby! Wish me luck!


Karen said...

Yay!!! I can't wait for you to make something! I've been sewing this afternoon until we had a bad storm. I shut off my machine and went up to watch it rain.
Love you,

Tracy said...

HOW WONDERFUL! Keep us posted on your projects!

Beth said...

I hate to tell you...but ...did you know that sewing and fabric are...::;whispering::: ADDICTIVE? Just ask my dh! He didn't know what he was getting himself into years ago when I started quilting! Now he just throws his arm around my shoulder and says... sweetly "You know, you would FEEL better if you go and sew for awhile'! I think he is a keeper...