Memorial Day Weekend

A very anticipated weekend ahead. Ashley and Austin are headed down today or tomorrow, followed by Daddy, Momma, Alaina and Matt on Friday. The long weekend for Memorial Day is perfect for a small extended visit. We have some fun plans in the works, including eating out at a coastal town seafood joint favorite, the beach, shopping, putt-putt and go-karts:) Can't wait for everyone to get here!

Now if I can just get rid of this awful sunburn from last weekend! I've never been one to burn, but come to find out, my new medicine causes skin sensitivity to sunlight. Ugh. Looks like the doc woulda told me that seeing we liiiiive at the beach! My shoulders are so raw and sore, I'm seriously uncomfortable...and lifting my arms past a certain point is out of the question. I'm praying that it heals quickly and the pain subsides.


I'll be back with pictures next week! Oh, and a very Happy Memorial Day!

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Karen said...

updates......we want updates!!!!