4 teeth less...

Well, I made it through having my wisdom teeth taken out. First, let me say...anesthesia is some awesome stuff! As soon as they turned on the IV drip, it wasn't five seconds and I was OUT! My doctor, anesthesiologist, and assistants were awesome, very comforting and friendly. And man, did I need the comforting, I was so nervous I couldn't sit still. It's so strange to me that they can put you to sleep and you don't recall anything...anything. It's like that short little period of time is just blotted out...fine with me! One minute I am sleeping the best sleep of my life, the next I am waking up in this fog. Even though I was completely groggy, my immediate reaction was to thank God that I was back awake! Then ask for my husband.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
They were pretty quick, I think, I remember looking at the clock right before 9 am and then looking at it when I woke up and it being 9:43. Jason called to update our family and took me home. About 20 minutes later I started really waking up, and realized that they must have used a whole truckload of Novocaine on me because I was numb from the top of my cheek bones (right under my eyes) to way beneath my chin and part of my neck. It didn't all wear off until about 11 that night! My dear friend Tiffany came and sat with me while Jason took care of filling my prescriptions. Now, I can tell you it was a sight trying to eat pudding when you are that numb (couldn't take pain meds on an empty stomach!).
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
My Momma made it in close to 5 and stayed until this morning. She's back safely at home. We had such a good visit. She made me lots of warm, soft food, and gave me lots of love and attention as only a mother can. I was blessed with little pain yesterday, so we were able to get out and do some errands and some leisurely shopping, catching up on some much needed mother-daughter time.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Unfortunately today, the pain is a little stronger. I'm hoping it's not a dry socket:( The pain medicine is giving me some relief, and I'm making sure to have frozen packs on hand for my jaws. My right lower jaw is the one hurting, but that one was also the most impacted. My top one are quickly on their way to feeling normal again, and the other bottom left (also impacted) is just somewhat sore. I'm fortunate not to have any bruising, just some swelling around my jaw bones. My re-check is Wednesday, and that is when they will take out these stitches. If the pain is worse in the morning, I'm calling first thing Monday, no waiting until Wednesday.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. I so very much appreciate it! And boy am I glad it's over! Now to go eat some mashed potatoes and take my medicine!


Karen said...

I enjoyed our time together, too! I miss you, but boy am I glad to be out of that constant downpour!
Love you,

Tracy said...

I do hope that you feel 100% soon. I remember when I got mine out! I don't want to scare you, but I was sore for weeks! Mine were REALLY impacted.

Mimi said...

I am glad is is over for you Christie...it is never fun having wisdom teeth cut out...
they are so far back in your mouth...that it seems they put your jaw out of socket trying to get to them...
I am happy for you that it is over...
it was nice having your mom with you too wasn't it?

sherry said...

** It's so strange to me that they can put you to sleep and you don't recall anything...anything. It's like that short little period of time is just blotted out...**

Golly, I can think of a few *years* I would have preferred Novicane. hehe.

Seriously though, the Princess and I are praying for you, especially now with one area hurting more than the others. Keep the pain killers going a bit longer. ((hug))

Dawn said...

I am so glad to hear your on the mend. I didn't know that this was taking place. I am glad you didn't stay private. I would have missed you blog dearly. Hope your healing process is fast. I will pray for that.

Anonymous said...

Just went through this with Jenna.

Won't your stitches just disolve?

Get better soon!