Our new addition

Meet Homie. He's our new fishy. Jason got him for me for Easter. Since we can't have a puppy at our townhouse, he is our pet. Hopefully we will find somewhere new to move where we can have a dog after our lease is up. And hopefully Homie will still be around to move with us. I think he is probably the prettiest beta fish I've ever seen. He's such a pretty, bright blue color. I think he likes his new home. Jason did good picking out the vase, water lilly, ribbons, and rocks for the bottom. He (and his watery home) fits into our living room just fine:)


Jennifer said...

oh I love Homie :o)

believe it or not, I actually miss all of our fish! as much as that big ol' fish tank irritates me to clean, I like seeing something swimming in it!

Karen said...

cute!!! For a stinky fish. ;o)