My Family Members, Part 3

This one is on my sister, Ashley, most of you know her through here too!
Me and Ash, ages 5 and 2
1. Ashley has a heart of gold, she would give her last dollar to someone who needed it.
2. We have been through everything together, from broken hearts to staying up, laughing until the wee morning hours.
3. When I am having a hard time or am really upset over something, Ashley sings me the song "Smile" and lets me lean on her shoulder.
4. She makes up the most unique words or ways to say things that always make me laugh...an example...the cookies that are called Fudge Rounds have been renamed Rounds of Fudge:)
5. Ashley has the greatest sense of humor and can have people cracking up within a matter of minutes.
6. She is so trustworthy, if you ever needed to confide in her, she would take it to the grave.
7. She is strong, stronger than she could ever realize. The biggest example of this was her pregnancy and her son, Austin's, first 6 months of life. She had hyperglycemia and toxemia and was hospitalized several times, and then when he was born he was a preemie and so sick, but she stood strong under such a huge weight and they pulled through it. He is now VERY healthy!
8. She is brave, she stays at home throughout the weekdays without her husband home due to travel with his work. She runs the house, takes care of Austin, pays the bills, and buys the groceries, and still keeps going only seeing Matt on the weekends.
9. She is faithful to each and every person in her life.
10. She has become a wonderful mother, even when she was scared about raising her first child with his daddy gone alot of the time.
11. She has grown as a woman of God and has brought her husband back to Christianity. They are a praying, church going family unit and she sees the importance of raising little Austin in church.
12. The quote I've heard so many times describes us perfectly...God made us sisters, Our hearts made us friends...Ashley was my first true friend in this world and continues to be my best friend to this day.
13. We have so many wonderful memories of growing up together, I wouldn't have wanted to grow up with anyone else. Even though she will probably say that I have more good memories than she does, due to the fact that I was the big sister, and more than a few times, I convinced her that things I wanted to do or try were always a great idea. When I was 5 and got my ears pierced, I came home and tried to pierce hers too!!! My mom walked in on that one and saved her from the bloodshed that was surely to follow.
14. She can calm me down quicker than anybody, she knows that I'm quite the emotional gal, and knows what makes me tick. She has done this many times for me. She's really very good at being logical and she is usually right.
15. We are complete opposites, but that works for us.
16. Ashley has also been through alot with my diabetes. She started learning at age 9, all about the disease and was even giving me shots before long. She has extreme patience with my low blood sugar side effects, and overlooks having anything from cheese danishes to pop-tarts thrown at her head. (I tend to get very stubborn and down right mean at times of low blood glucose, and she has had to actually shove the food in my mouth and force me to chew it up before, and I love her for it, because she knew it had to be done or else I would have been in big trouble medically!)
17. She has always stood up for me. No matter what. I am the older sister but tend to be a little more timid at times. She never let anyone take advantage of me and would "tell them like it was" in a heartbeat.
18. She has taught me to relax a little more, to not be so uptight about everything and to never sweat the small stuff.
19. We love our sister nights where we order really greasy food, really sweet desserts and watch the girliest movies we can find. Those make for amazing memories.

I love you Ashwee Pooh!!!

I will finish my other three family members next week...Alaina (my other sister), Austin (my nephew), and last but certainly not least...my beloved husband, Jason.


Ash said...

Ok, so I am in tears. Thank you so much for your sweet words. You are the best big sis I could ever wish for. I love you Chris Priss..

Candy said...

Ohhh Christie :)
Another super sweet post. I know Ashley is a sweetie too :) You are a great older sister Christie. Its so nice that you have that special connection.
I am the older sister too. My sister Tammy is 27, she lives 12 hours away from me and so we dont see each other that often. Shes not on computer that much either so sadly its hard to stay close when you live so far away :(
Your post made me miss my sister..

p.s.. thanks for the comment, I left another comment at the same time as yours so people know not to get overwhelmed in the first years...

Mrs. Anna T said...

Can't wait to read about the rest of your family :) I especially liked the part about you trying to pierce your sister's ears :P

Tracy said...

Oh Christie,
I've always wanted a sister and now I want one even more! I missed a lot by being the only girl to three brothers, but the Lord has blessed me with two daughter, and for that, I am grateful!

Lori said...

What a great post. You have a wonderful sister.

Karen said...

Christie, Ditto what Tracy said, this post makes me wish I had a sister to grow up with! I, too was "blessed" with three rowdy brothers (but they're great guys). You are blessed to have such a wonderful family, and you know what?, they're pretty darned blessed to have you in it!

Jennifer said...

She's one of a kind! :o)
You're certainly blessed to have her in your life!

Candy said...

Christie, I was just going to leave you a comment when just as I was about to, you left me one!
Too funny. I was thinking especially about you and Jason just now and was thinking its probably always very hard for you, and him of course, to be apart especially on special occasions like Easter with the family..
I will remember Jason (and you) in prayer today and your grandfather too.
Lots of love to you, your mom, Ash, Alaina and your Dad! And Austan!
Love Candy

Jennifer in MS said...

Oh, this is so sweet! I sure pray that my girls always stay close!

I read through your sweet comments on your mom and dad too. What a precious tribute to them!

Have a blessed Easter!

Ruth said...

Wow! I always wanted a sister. How awesome it must be to have such a wonderful bond with. I am happy for you both!

Gena said...

How blessed you are to have such a wonderful relationship with your sister. I always wanted a sister (I only have one brother) and watching my girls grow up together makes me want one even more!

These are wonderful posts. Can't wait for next week.

Karen said...

I wanted a sister, too, but having you 3 girls has been the best thing that has happened to your Daddy and me. I get the privelege of being friends with you now that the raisin's done!!
At least on you and Ashley. ;o)
She's pretty special, isn't she.

Kelli said...

Oh, this is such a sweet post! What a blessing to be such wonderful sisters and friends.
Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm another one who wishes she had a sister after reading this sweet post!! I have two "little" (6'3") brothers who I adore, but it's not the same as a sister. I hope my little girls will continue to stay close like you two!!

Happy Easter!! :-)

Trella said...

What a beautiful post about your sister. I know some sisters that couldn't right such a loving post about their sister.
I can't wait to hear about everyone else.

Trella said...

Of course I meant "write" and not right. Why can't I catch those things before I post?:)