An Update

I have come to realize that several of you are keeping up with me and my husband and our journey while he is deployed to Iraq. I so appreciate all of your support and prayers. It is so comforting to know that he is covered in prayer during his time away.

Thanks to modern day technology, I get to instant message with him every night. Around 10:30 here, but 6:30 a.m. there! Plus, I have a good man that treks down to the phone center about every other day, and stands in the lines with 1+ hour waits just to talk to me for anywhere between 15-30 minutes, depending on how busy the center is. He gets to email me pictures, which is ALWAYS exciting and I figured I'd share some with you so you all can have a peek into my husband's job and for 6 months or more, his life.

I will try to explain briefly what the last week and a half have been like for Jason. He left our base on Monday afternoon, from there was taken over to another base by bus, where they caught their first flight up north. After a brief layover where they played in the snow, they hopped on a plane to Germany, from there, to Kuwait, and from Kuwait...their final destination in Iraq.

Now, I have to brag a little on my sweetie. He is so smart. His job in the marine corps is to fix and build field radios (the big radios that the infantry/grunts use out in the field to communicate back to base). I'm a firm believer that every job in the military is vital to it's troops survival. Since we've been over in Iraq for what seems like eons, they have set up better living quarters for our guys (and gals). Jason lives in what looks like the trailer off of a tractor trailer truck. It is divided into 4's, I believe, and made into rooms. Two to a room. I will post pictures of his living quarters another day. He goes to work 7 days a week and his only down time is in the evenings. He says he can't complain about the food, and that it's not too awfully hot yet. They issue bikes for them to ride to and from work each day. But being the Marine Corps, they also have to run for their physical fitness to get to and from alot of places.

I sent out his first care package on Tuesday. It will take approximately 2 weeks to get to him. We loaded it up with his fave goodies from home. It was really neat, because when I went to send it, the lady behind me in line picked up the bill for the postage. She said she once was a military wife and she was just so thankful for mine and my husband's sacrifices. It's the little tokens of gratitude like that one that remind me how many supporters still are out there. He also gets to send out mail as often as he likes, so we already have some in route! It will be so good to see his handwriting.

He has not had to go on any convoys yet, and doesn't expect to have to. Those are when they travel off base in military vehicles for all different reasons. This is when alot of "accidents" happen. Just last week, a humvee ran over a field mine. I've asked him not to tell me the bad things that go on, as it will just give me an ulcer. I'm not sure if this is fair as I know he needs to talk about things to other people, outside of the military. I just thank our good Lord that he doesn't have a job that puts him on the front line. That fact helps me sleep a little easier at night.

Today is the 13th day that we've been apart. It still isn't any easier, but it helps that I have contact and know that he is a little safer as long as he's on base. Again, thank you to all of my new friends here in blog land for your prayerful support.


Karen said...

I am so glad he is finally out of the air and on solid ground, albeit - "the giant sandbox". I didn't realize how LONG it took to get there.
Great pics, too.
Love ya,

Ash said...

So I hear he has his own office now, movin on up in the world huh? Hehe, I love givin him a hard time, I miss it... so now it has to be done on Messenger. Anywho, I love you, and will see you soon, we are going shopping! woohoo!

Jennifer in MS said...

Hey Christie,
Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about some of those things. I would have a hard time hearing scary things too and I wondered if you were able to watch the news and such.

How awesome of that lady to pay for your shipping!! Those are all those little ways that God is saying, "I'm here, I'm taking care of you!".

I really appreciate getting this glimpse into the life of one of our soldiers and his family!


Jennifer in MS said...
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Christy said...

Thank you for the glimpse into his life! I have always been very curious about what they do, what it looks like, ect...

Unknown said...

That was neat to see. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that kind woman who paid your postage for the care package. What a great message she is sending for those of us that can't do so. You need to know that there are many people who support what Jason is doing over there. The media is not the majority opinion. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into his work.

Candy said...

I liked seeing the little glimpse into his life over there. We rarely get to see pics from over there. Im so appreciative for the sacrafices they make, please tell your husband that for me. I will remember him in prayer, for sure.
I LOVED that a lady picked up the bill for you package. I will do that too if ever in the situation, which reminds me to do something now to help the families of those serving in my city.
Thanks for posting this. We need reminders every day to pray and do what we can to help the families of loved ones serving our countries (Canada and US)
God bless.
and Hugs to you,

Christie Belle said...

Thank you for all being so interested in what my husband and our military are really doing over there! I've always wondered what everything was like too!

Jennifer, I, too feel like that was God giving me a little pick me up that day. She was definately in the right place at the right time and I don't think that it was just coincidence! And I try to stay away from the news, I feel like they just cast a very negative view of everything going on and it worries me more than anything.

I can't say this enough to all you sweet sweet ladies, but thank you again for everything this past week. You have really made me feel at home and comfortable here.

Jason said...

Wow thank tou guys for all the prayers. i will be sending more pics home soon. sending all my love from big sand box

Betty said...

You are doing a wonderful job posting!
I am so glad you are sharing the pictures and what's going on in your husband's life.
I am so grateful to the military and to their families for the awesome sacrifices you all are making for us and our country.
You are in my prayers and pray God's riches blessings for you all.

Thanks for coming by to visit with me. I love company. Please come again soon.