One awesome kid

I love my nephew, he has brought us all such joy. He is 2 years old now, and is just the sweetest little guy. He knows when somebody is sad, and jumps to fixing the problem the best way he knows how. He does not like to sit still for long, but when he can tell someone is a bit down, he will become Mr. Cuddlebug. I was the lucky recipient of his precious cuddle time a few nights ago. He just sat and sat while we watched a movie.
I have three main men in my life, besides my number one being my Heavenly father, they are Jason, my Daddy, and Austin. Since Jason's been gone, Austin has succeeded in keeping a smile on my face most days, one way or another. He is such a goof and will do anything for a laugh...already...at age 2! And he loves giving his family kisses. The little guy will just walk up and tilt his head (that means he's going to give you "kisses").

And he LOVES his cars/trucks. Jason left one of his truck magazines here for Austin and he has looked at that thing probably a million times by now, pointing out the mirrors, lights, windows, wheels, etc., making the vroom vroom and squeeling tires noises. He likes to sit on your lap and turn page after page, and when you comment on a "pretty" truck, he agrees with a "uh-huh!" I have really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with him lately. I've missed out on alot by not living close by, and I want to try and make up as much of that time as I can while I have the chance.

I guess the reason of this post is to brag a little on what a precious boy he is becoming, but to also let you all know one of the things helping me through this deployment is the love of that little boy. Ashley is one lucky woman to have such a beautiful son. And even though I have no kids yet (hopefully he will have some cousins before long:)), he is the next best thing to it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...he's not being spoiled one little bit. Yeah right :p Here's a picture from tonight when we had dinner at Ash's house, you can just see how much he is adored, as well as how much he adores his Grammie and Papa.


Candy said...

Christie, you are such a special and sweet aunt!!! Your nephew is SO CUTE too!! I love this picture with him and your parents :)
Love Candy

Unknown said...

I LOVE that picture. I remember being the object of such wonderful affection as a child. For me, it was my aunt Do. Oh, how she loved me and treated me so special. And when she had kids of her own I was her special babysitter. It was the best relationship. I hope to go back to see her this summer. She lives in St Louis, where I grew up. You are builing a life for young Austin, with great memories. Good job, Aunt Christie!

Ash said...

Hey love, thank you so much for babysitting and for you and mommy decorating... I LOVE IT. I will send you the pictures.

Karen said...

He's one special little boy!
Love ya,

Trella said...

Such a cute little boy! I am so glad you both have each other. He is going to have such fond memories of his aunt.

Christy said...

That is wonderful that he is loved like that!! Your children will be that lucky very soon!

You have such a sweet family!