The last couple of days...

Hey everyone. Sorry I've been a little MIA. After helping my mom with our little surprise for my dad, I've just been tired. And a little down. I have these "times" every few days it seems, now that Jason is gone. Times when I don't sleep well at night due to restlessness, the empty half of the bed, and bad dreams. The times when missing him gets too great for me to handle and I just have to cry. Today was one of the harder days. I decided I'd take a nap to catch up a little and maybe pass some time. It helped a bit. I then had dinner and caught a movie with a long time friend (we go back to elementary school). Her fiance is in the army and is presently in Iraq as well. So it helped to talk to someone else going through a similar situation. Even though they aren't married yet, she knows the reality of loneliness and can relate. We saw the new Sandra Bullock movie, Premonition. It made me cry. So, maybe it wasn't the best one to see tonight. But, I'm back at home now and trying to settle in for the night. I'll be going to church in the morning with all my family, and that always helps with the sadness and reminds me that God is still there, still listening, and still reminding me to lean on Him. But, if you don't mind...maybe say a little prayer for me, and as always, for Jason's safety.

Taken 8 days before Jason left, one of my favorites. Sweetheart, if you get to read this one, I miss and love you.


InmateK8 said...

Hang in there lady :) My sister's husband is slated to go to Afghanistan for his second tour pretty soon, and being in the military myself I have many friends and co-workers currently deployed so my thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE serving overseas including your hubby...

Tracy said...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the name of your blog? I do. I'm still praying for you and for Jason. I know that the Lord is good and hears our prayers. Sleep well tonight.

BTW, on a chilly night, try heating the bed a little with a heating pad before you get in. I also have a "rice bag". Really, it's an old sock, filled with one cup of white rice, and knotted at the open end. I heat it for 1 minute in the microwave, and take it to bed when my husband is out of town, placing it about a foot away from me. I don't know why, but it helps me to sleep with the bed a little warmer. I guess I feel more like he is in the bed.

Susan P. said...

Christie, please know that you and Jason will continue to be in my prayers. I can't even imagine how hard it must be on both of you, as well as so many others. I'm so glad you have your family nearby to comfort you, and also that you are leaning on the greatest Comforter of all. Take care precious friend.

Kelli said...

I will keep you and Jason in my prayers, Christie. I'm so glad that your family is close by and good friends to talk too. I hope that you sleep well tonight.

Unknown said...

Christie, I imagine that those harder days will come and go until Jason gets home. We are all praying for you.

Candy said...

Dear Christie, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling alittle down. I am praying for you and for Jason. I wrote your names down in my prayer notebook so I will remember you both every day.
Have a great day today. God bless.
Love and prayers,
your friend,

Christie Belle said...

Thanks, Tracy...My clever mom helped me with it, so I can't take all the credit:) And thank you for the prayers and the idea with the rice bag, I'd not thought of that!

Susan and Kelli, thank you for continuing to pray for me and for Jason, it means so much, and you're both right..it is so nice to have a wonderful family to help console during the hard days.

Becky, thank you again for your kind words and prayers.

Candy, you are a sweetheart, thank you for putting us in your prayer book.

Today has been better already, went to church, good lunch with family and a little comic relief from my nephew. And Jason was able to call twice early this morning and that always starts the day out on a good note:)

Thank you all my dear friends, your concerns and prayers for us during this time has really touched my heart.

Trella said...

Glad you are during a little better.
I will keep you and Jason in my prayers.

Trella said...

That should be "doing" and not "during". Ugh!!!

Jennifer in MS said...

Hey Christie,
I'm glad today was a better day. Honey, I know it has GOT to be so hard for you. I feel an ache in my heart for you and Jason as I read this. My husband and I would both cry and feel depressed when he would go away for just a few days. So, I know your reality is a tough one to deal with. I thought of y'all today as I was painting! About how you will have this war veteran/hero returning to you. That really is quite and honor. I admire that. And what a reunion that will be!!!!!!! :0)
You and Jason will continue to be in my prayers.

Christie Belle said...

Trella and Jennifer, thank you both for continuing to pray as well. I've so enjoyed getting to know both of you better through here. You two are also dear to my heart. Jennifer...the thought of that homecoming is what sometimes pulls me out my slumps, it will be one of the best days ever:)

Jason said...

hey babe i love you too. you mean such to me and i'm the luckest guy in the world to have someone as sweet and as hot as you. i love you so very much babe talk to you soon
love forever and always
your hubby