Starting to pick up a few things for the next house

Well, as most of you know, I'm back at home with my parents for the time being while Jason is deployed. Mostly for health reasons, but I'll post about that some other time. We put most of our stuff in storage, but sold our old living room set to my sister and her husband to prevent from having to get a much bigger storage unit to store all of that furniture as well. So, our plan is to buy a new living room set when Jason comes home or right before, if we can decide together through pictures and the internet. With that being said, I think we are leaning towards a set by Ashley furniture that is microsuede in a color that closely resembles coffee with creamer in it. Overstuffed and just so inviting. I like the solid color because I can dress it up with different pillows and bring out the colors in several wall plaques that I've been eyeing. Today my mom took me to a little store not too far from where we live that has all kinds of home decor, and alot of their stuff is right up my alley...style wise. I love love love Willow Tree figurines and decorations. I'm working on collecting the whole nativity scene right now. To me, they are just so simple, yet each one says a multitude of things. I've received several as gifts and never tire of getting them because there are just so many different ones that fit so many different situations and relationships.

Ok, ok...what I'm getting at is that I found a Willow Tree pillow at this little store. It has the brown and cream colors that we are wanting to go with in our living room. So of course I had to snatch it up. And the price wasn't bad either! And I absloutely adored the words written on it, they stay true to the style of Willow Tree items...
Then, we made a quick stop by Wal-Mart and found the cutest candles. Just a few pennies short of 7 bucks made this decision a quick one. The fragrances of these candles are so fresh and the container it comes in also fits in with my country kitchen style. The container is really thick glass, good quality stuff. I plan on using the container after the candle is long gone for storing rock salt, or maybe tea bags. My mom and I both got the sugared pears scent. It smells yummy!So, just a couple of purchases, but ones that made me happy. I'll be posting pictures as I go of the new furniture and whatever wall decor I decide on, etc., etc. if anyone is interested:)


Betty said...

Christie Belle,

I think you are making wise color choices and the ultrasuede is great. This is what I have in a light coffee color. I bought the treatment for spills, etc. It just wipes off.

Your pillow and candle were great buys.......

Trella said...

I can't wait to see what you end up buying. I love what you bought today. That pillow is very unique and I love it. I also love that candle. I am going to have to visit Wal-Mart soon!

Tammy said...

It's so much fun to pick out new furniture...I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures!
And I love your new purchases! I am only recently becoming familiar with Willow Tree and I agree that they are beautiful. And I absolutely love that country kitchen candle- adorable, and something I would have picked, too!

Candy said...

Christie, I think youd actually make a great home decorator! You know what I like to do...I like to volunteer to go to the homes of some of the older people in my Church (elders) and clean up their home a little and have a bit of fun decorating a little for them especially their table setting and bring them dessert. They love it especially if they dont have any children to help them..and its fo much fun to get to try to decorate a little just for fun.
Anyways, yeah you seem really good at it. I love the buys. I especially love pillows!!! I have a Christian book store that sells the willow tree stuff, Im going to have to check them out sometime now! :)
Love ya,

Karen said...

I can see that we're going to have to make a trip back to that store! Pretty pics, Christie-belle!!!

Tracy said...

New furntiure! Fun! I like the color combo, too. Yes, We are all interested.

I collect the Willow Tree figurines, too. Something in common!

Christy said...

I love Willow Tree as well...I have all the figurines that depict parents with their children, and for my fifth anniversary I am dropping hints that I would like the one of a man hugging his wife. They are so simple, yet beautiful!
I am going to be looking at Walmart soon too... I love candles!

Christie Belle said...

Betty, I love the material on those couches, that's what we were thinking since we are wanting kids soon!

Trella, let me know what scent you get, there were so many scrumptious ones it was hard to decide!

Tammy, sounds like you have good taste:)

Thanks Candy! I would love to go into home decorating, I just don't have time to get the degree! So, for now, it's all for fun:) I admire what you do to help out some of the elders in your church, very sweet!

Mommy, we can make a trip back anytime you want!!!

Tracy, you have excellent taste as well, sounds like. Aren't the Willow Tree figurines just wonderful. You'll have to let me know some of the ones you've collected.

Christy, I think I have the one you are wanting, I got it for Christmas this past year, I love that one, probably my favorite. I bought my friend one not long ago of the woman holding her small son. I love giving them just as much as getting them:)

Thank you all for your interest in what we're going to be picking out, I can't wait to be able to post pictures!

Kelli said...

The color you have picked out for your couch sounds beautiful! The pillows are gorgeous and I love your new candle!! I hope your ankle is feeling better!

InmateK8 said...
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Unknown said...

Christie, you are not going to believe this but just this afternoon I picked up those candles and smelled them and coveted them. I have not been to Walmart in probably 6 months (just not much of a fan) but I am returning to get the candle. I can't resist now.

Also, I have the Willow Tree Nativity. You get the basic set for one price. I thought it was like $50 for JUST the Joseph or JUST the Mary figurine, but it is for Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, 2 lambs and a donkey. And of course Mary is holding baby Jesus, which is my favorite part. Can you even imagine a new mama putting her baby down without snuggling him? So check that out. It is not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. Oh, you have GREAT taste.

Unknown said...

p.s. I have the microfiber furniture you are talking about. It is wonderful. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and always looks great. Go for it!

Jennifer in MS said...

So sweet! I love the pillow and the candle!

And you will LOVE having the microfiber couch! That's what I have except mine is chocolate colored. Messes wipe up so easily! And if I could do it again, I would chose the color you like. The chocolate brown shows every piece of lent or crumb!

Christie Belle said...

Kelli, thanks for asking about my ankle, it's slowly getting better. And thanks for the compliments on my new purchases.

Becky, wow! You have great taste:) It's so funny that you were just eyeing those candles, they are very worth it, I had mine burning just a little bit ago! Thanks for the tips on the Willow Tree stuff and on the microfiber furniture, I can't wait to get it now after everybody has told me how wonderful it is!!!

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for letting me know about the chocolate color b/c I was having a hard time deciding on that for a while. I just love browns and there are so many to choose from!

Jason said...

I like the things you bought baby! they're going to look good in our new house when i get back. i love you so much baby more then words can say (or type) :) talk to you soon
love always your hubby