Master Bathroom Project

Oh, what a mess we've made over the past week!  About a month and a half ago, I pulled all the batting strips off the walls in the master bath, thinking that would motivate J to do the drywall.  I finally convinced him it had to be done before our friends come visit on the 20th.  Crunch time!  He has been working so diligently after work/school, and over last weekend (man, I love him!).  As of today, there is only a little sanding left, and then clean up time!  You cannot even begin to imagine how much this forces the OCD into overdrive.  Even though we have closed it off, the dust still escapes.  And it gets.every.where.  But the drywall looks fabulous, and I am so excited to get painting.  We also got stuff to frame the mirrors and new light fixtures.  I'm wanting a light green in here.  I think it will look beautiful against the darker wood.
These are kind of the beginning/before pictures, right after J had put on the first layer of drywall goop (that is my very technical term).

This corner was difficult.  They do not sell 45 degree angle drywall joint pieces.  There was much hammering and bending involved, but once again, J didn't fail to impress me.  It's looking so good!  This is the corner that we are waiting on..it is taking twice the time to dry, so hopefully today will be the last sanding for it.  (This picture is right after he put the first coat on..it looks so much better now.)

Handsome working so hard.

Ummm..yeah.  This is why I'm cringing.  I hate this dust.  Hate it.  I cannot wait to get in there and wipe it all down, sweep it all up, and mop it all away.  It looks like a fine, smelly, gritty dusting of snow.  I would prefer snow, I think.

More pictures to come...


Ash said...

Holy frijoles. That is a whole buncha dust. Wow. I do not envy that clean up job.

Cannot wait to see the finished product! You guys always do awesome work. I know it will be beautimous.

Karen said...

Oh, I do not envy you guys that job. I think you inherited your massive hate for drywalling from me. Hope it's over very soon for you, and then on to bigger and better things this year!

Looking good, Jason. Your skills are many!