Burlap Wreath

I have seen this craft done on so many blogs and on pinterest, and decided I needed one for our house.  Little did I know.  This craft about did me in.  It looked so simple.  Looks can be deceiving!  I really want one done out of the natural colored burlap, and a red one.  But I just don't know if I can do it.  Maybe if I do them with the smaller wreath form.  For this one, I used the big wire wreath form (there's only 2 sizes at Michael's, so I'm not sure of the dimensions).  To start, I cut a zillion-baguillion (that is a real number, if you were wondering) strips of ivory burlap.  I cut them anywhere from 3/4" to 1 1/4" wide and about 11 or 12 inches long.  And then you tie.  And tie.  And tie.  Each row of wire gets about, oh, I don't know, 1,000 or so strips.  (I'm sure it's not that many, but it felt like it).  I double knotted mine so they wouldn't come undone.  You have to squeeze them in to make it really full!  I used almost a full 4 yards of burlap!  Can you believe that!  Thank goodness I found it for a little less than 3.00 a yard at Walmart.  Once you are done tying, make sure all the pieces are facing the front, and then I hot glued some strips of canvas on the back to help keep them secure.  I really love how pretty this turned out, and maybe if I give it another month or so, time will dull the bad memories, and I will try again.  But, I doubt it.

I am still accessorizing it for the season, and figuring out it's perfect spot in the house, but once it's all done and in place, I will post an update picture!


Ash said...

But it's sooooo pretty!! I want one!! I want everything on your blog.

I called you while you were making this craft.. you weren't as friendly as I felt you should have been. This wreath made you crabby.


Karen said...

hehehehehehehe........been there, done that. Except mine was yarn. Sheesh. But it sure is pretty. Do you still have fingerprints???

Renea said...

LUVS IT! I want one.... :)