5 Surefire Ways to...

...tell if you're OCD.

1.  Your closet may be color coded, and then micro-sorted into shades of that color, and from long sleeves to short sleeves.  Do NOT refer to previous post.  

2.  You have a designated reject cookie plate for the cookies that do not turn out perfectly round.  Then, at that point, you demand that your husband or any other person with a hearty appetite in the general proximity eat them immediately, as to not tip off the insanity gremlin that dwells within my your soul.

3.  When you decide that it's time to list your beautiful, brand spanking new house for sale due to the fact that you have found evidence that a small field mouse may be taking up residence in your mud room.

4.  If you follow your white fluff (dog) around with the stick vac after you have vacuumed as to avoid getting clumps of fur on your freshly cleaned carpet. Or your husband is on his hands and knees looking for vicious fur balls as to avoid a nuclear meltdown from his wife.

5.  While in a standoff laundry hiatus with your husband - over putting his clothes in the laundry basket instead of on the floor wherever he decides to strip, you decide after 10 minutes of sitting on the bed in tears that it's Just. Not. Worth it.  He wins.

This is soooo not me ;o)


Ash said...

LOL LOL!! Funny thing is.. I can you doing ALL of these things, and have witnessed some of them :)

Hilarious post.

Love you!

Karen said...

Hehehehe.....only your family knows the real you.......just sayin'.

Love you,
Mama, the one who usually gets the blame - or credit - for how you turn out. :op

Ash said...

Ok, this just proves your worse than me! LOL! I wanna see that closet..maybe it will inspire me...maybe. :) Love ya!