Yes, It's True.

I've mentioned in posts in years gone by that I'm a little over the top when it comes to organizing and the phrase "a place for everything and everything in it's place" describes my methods perfectly.  So here it is.  My closet.  I was not exaggerating.  It is color coded, and sectioned into shades of each color, from long sleeves to short.  Jason's section is the back left one.  I try to organize his this way too, but he has no part of it, and usually has something misplaced the same day.  At least he humors me a little, and for the most part will keep the colors together.

The cubbies have been a life saver for boots and purses.  

I tried to bully talk J into letting me use the ones on his side, but it didn't work.  He has bullets and shoes on his side.  I could have thought of a better use for them.

More storage and a custom made cushion cover that my grandma made me for Christmas.  The pink is just me, and I love it.  Jason tolerates it.  I nailed up some little wire racks (on clearance from Target) on each side of the mirror to hang all of my jewelry, since I didn't want to invest in a jewelry chest.

So, now that you have seen it, don't judge.  We all have our quirks, right!?


Karen said...

That's my girl! Now come do mine! :)

Ash said...

AMEN MOMMA! Come do mine!! Though I don't have nearly as much space as you do.. and mine wouldn't stay that way but for about 3 days.

While I am thinking about it.. just come makeover my house.. yeah.. that sounds good :)

Ash said...

This is WONDERFUL. WOW! You are so lucky.. :) *See the cute little pillow on the bench? That made me smile.. :)