MCT Instructor School Graduation

I am so proud of my man!  He graduated his MCT Instructor training today!  He is now officially an instructor and non-deployable for 3 years:)  Some pictures from today...

Jason and Derek getting their diplomas:

With their proud wives (me and Lisa):

Jason with his Cheif Warrant Officer, and a couple of buddies from his old unit that showed up to see him graduate!  (He had a cheering section!)

Jason and Derek with their diplomas!

Congratulations Babe!  Congratulations Derek!  And yay for training being over!!!


~Karen~ said...

Congratulations!!!! We're so proud of you, Jason!
These are great pictures of all of you.
Love you,

Ash said...

Go Jason! I hate we couldn't be there, but I am glad he had his cheering section :)

Love the pictures. He looks so happy. I love that boyish smile!

Anonymous said...

congrats! great pictures and also wondering where you got the cute jeans you are wearing in the picture? thanks! :) gina in ok

Christie Belle said...

Thank you:) Lol...Ashley, I love that smile too:)

Gina in OK...the jeans are from Kohl's!

Renea said...

Congrats Jason! I'm sure you LOVE the 3 year non deployable part!:)

Jason said...

thank you everyone. i love you babe.. i'm so glad to be through school