A Good Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 27 (for the second time!).  I felt very loved by many!  Lots of calls, cards, texts, facebook wishes, and gifts!  We celebrated my birthday last week while we were at home since I knew we wouldn't be back in for my actual birthday.  My wonderful sisters orchestrated the birthday dinner with Alaina baking me a triple layer chocolate cake, heavy on the frosting (just like I like it!), and Ash did the grocery shopping and cooking since Momma is still out of commission for a bit longer (but not much longer..yay!!!)  Daddy grilled cheeseburgers and hot dogs, and Ash called in our closest friend, also an Ashley, to help, which she gladly did!  They made the BEST homemade macaroni and cheese, and a southern fave..fried squash, to compliment the hot dogs and cheeseburgers!  It was absolutely delicious!  I wish I had some pictures, but I think they are all on Alaina's camera..by the way, you need to send those to me! 

I received some wonderful gifts that night too!  My parents and Alaina got me some Americana decorations for the house, and the cutest strawberry juice glasses!

A new flag for the entryway closet:
A new barn star (LOVE my barn stars!):
Bells that sound like wind chimes, so as soon as I get a hook, they are getting hung up on my front porch!
My sweet little juice glasses with the cutest strawberries painted on them:

I also am getting a painting from my Grandmother (Mom's side) for my kitchen.  She paints beautiful pictures with water color and I can't wait to see what it's going to look like!  Got some $$ from my other Grandma..always nice!  And my sweet friend Ashley brought me a bag full of goodies when they came down a few weekends ago..complete with lots of smelly good stuff for my house, knick-knacks, a box of my favorite sleepytime tea, a precious handmade picture frame..gosh that thing was so packed, I can't remember it all!  Oh, and an unknown gift still to come at an undisclosed time from Ashwee-Pooh..she's so mysterious, lol.  It was a wonderful night!

So yesterday being my actual birthday, started with a wake up kiss and birthday wishes from J, and my annual call from my Momma at the minute I was born:)  Followed by calls from Daddy, Ashley, and Alaina, complete with singing!  Many text messages followed as well!  Then my good friend down here (about the only good friend I have here!), took me to lunch at where else...Olive Garden!, where we sat and talked and enjoyed endless salad, bread sticks, and Zuppa Tuscana soup (my fave!), oh and of course, alfredo sauce to dip our bread sticks!  She was wonderful to take me out, as she says nobody should be alone on their birthday!  Plus she's a cake maker, so she is in the process of making me a cake!  Will post pictures when it's done!

Then we went shopping!  I love Ross' and Marshall's..see my deals!

A big floppy beach hat..with SPF 50, a double sized butter dish in RED, two new pairs of flip flops, one for 7 bucks, and one for 5!  The smaller heeled ones are replacing the exact same ones I had and ruined with paint..only pair in the whole store and in my size!  Sooo meant to be:)

Then, it was home I went to be with hubby once he got off work.  Once home, I got to open my gifts from him!  Some of which haven't arrived yet, but I will post pictures of what's coming!  The things already here:

He let me pick out new stuff for our bed..so new sheets and bed set, the New Moon Blu-ray, and the Je-taime Willow Tree figurine:)  Jason took french in high school, and ever since we dated, he often tells me he loves me in french..which is Je-taime..such a sweet man!

Things still to come!!!

An electric skillet for some big time cooking!  Especially if we host one of the holidays coming up!

A new RED KitchenAid digital toaster (ours now burns everything!):

A new 7-qt. slow cooker by the Food Network:

And, the Twilight Blu-ray, with the promise of a Twilight Saga movie night before we go see the new one in the theater:)  Love me some vampire movies!

After gifts, we ordered pizza from my favorite pizza place..Michaelangelo's, who makes the biggest New York style pizza around (and the best!).  A stop by Redbox to rent some movies.  And the night ended with cupcakes and the Happy Birthday song from J.

He made the cupcakes and they were delicious!  The letters on top stand for Happy 28th Birthday Christie:)

Singing to me:


Blowing out my candles:

A happy girl:)

Thank you everyone!  You made my birthday so special and I love you all!


Karen said...

Whoa!!! You got quite the haul of stuff!
I'm so glad it was a good birthday for you, and wish we could have been there. But, travel has to wait a little longer, it seems.
I'll bet the new bed things look great in your room. I'm curious how well that new slow cooker works, too. I really like the size and shape of it. AND...the electric griddle...best purchase we ever made. You'll love it.

Jason, I'm proud of you. Those cupcakes look very good. I'm sure they were. You're a sweetie!

Love you both!

Alaina said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday!! I will try to send the pics to you, but knowing that it won't let me send e-mails to you anymore(I don't know why), I might give em' to mom, and she'll send them! Love you sweet sissie!!

Unknown said...

Awww! Glad you had a great birthday!