Ok, so we went to the gym again today. I figured I'd check with the front desk one more time. So after some heckling from the manager (all in good fun, as he was one of the ones that helped us get signed up), one of the other guys heard me asking about a phone, and he had it! Well, dang. My new one is already in transit, but I guess it all works out. We will just switch my old one to Jason's line, as he is so hard on phones and the screen is cracked on his. I guess there are more honest people at my gym than I thought. But I am a little frustrated with the girl who I talked to on the phone yesterday. The one that supposedly "checked" the lost and found and the machines for me. Apparently she didn't look that hard b/c when I picked it up today, it was sitting on the front desk. Oh well.

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Karen said...

I'm glad you got your phone back, and that there are honest people there.
Are you going to share your news????
Love you,