I'm Done

...with all my Christmas shopping!!! Yep, that's right, it's all done and it's only October 15th. This is the earliest I have EVER finished shopping for Christmas, and I intend to thoroughly enjoy every minute of the upcoming season since Jason will be gone next Christmas. This also means that I will start putting up some of my Christmas decorations in November, before Thanksgiving. I don't usually do that, because it tends to overshadow the Thanksgiving holiday, but we are headed home for Thanksgiving and it will be nice to have it all put up when we return. All of it but the tree, that is. We'll be bringing our live tree from the mountains back with us after Thanksgiving, as it's our family tradition to go cut our own trees from the lots up in the beautiful mountains. We'll put that up and decorate it the day we get back. There's nothing like the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. Oh, and in all my Christmas shopping glory, I found the most heavenly scent for the Christmas season. It's called Silver Bells by Yankee Candle. It smells like an evergreen, but something in it makes it smell just a little different from every other evergreen candle I've smelled. It will live in my house a little closer to time.
Only 71 days 'til Christmas!!!


Ash said...

I am offically jealous. I have exactly zero people shopped for... blah. I want to start decorating the house today :) Christmas is my favorite holiday ever! Miss you guys.. love y'all.

Karen said...

You have done really well to get it behind you! I love that we're scaling back this year. It makes things much easier, I think.
I got a new candle warmer/hotplate thingie today, as the one I bought when I was with you, didn't even heat up. The light would come on, but no heat. I placed the spiced pumpkin candle on it last night and boy does the house smell wonderful! This morning, after it had completely melted, I removed the wick, and added some sugar cookie melts to it. Oh my goodness........ ;o)
Love you,
Mama Mimi

Dawn said...

I would love to skip x-mas. I dread it every year. I have some nieces that have made it that way. They are quite spoiled and what I have bought them in the past they have opened and stuck their noses up in the air at. So I am not a x-mas person. Plus I have so many kids to by for and only one of them will officially be mine. Of course next x-mas it will be 2 but I will be telling everyone to by for the baby instead of us this year. Especially if it is a boy. I have everything for a girl but nothing for a boy. You will have to watch my blog next month around the 10th we have an ultrasound and will hopefully find out what the gender is. I think it is great that you have all your x-mas shopping done though. I need to start doing that too.

Jennifer said...

Ok - copying a quote for a wise girl:

"I am officially jealous"

I've at least started my shopping, but I've only gotten a few gifts.

Random story...
Last year, my Dad's side of the family decided to not exchange gifts, but instead kind of adopt a family with the money we would normally spend. It was so wonderful -- My aunt's bestfriend, Cindy had to be in Dallas for heart surgery (she had a malignant cancer growing around her heart) for 6 weeks during December and January. The money we collected allowed for her friends and family to rent an apartment near her hospital for those 6 weeks. It was the best thing we have every done with our Christmas money - hands down!

Hope you are having a wonderful week :o) Stay tuned to pineridgechurch.tv on Sunday (or any day there after, to be honest) -- our new teaching series "Pine Ridge '08" is gonna be a good one :o) Love you girl!