My long time friend, Laura, and her family are finally moving to NC! They currently live in Ohio and have been trying to get down south for about 2 years now, and it's finally happening! They will be here for good within 3 weeks. I'm so excited. She has 2 little girls who fondly call me Aunt Crispy;o) The news made my day!


Jennifer said...

How wonderful :o)
The south is always better ;o) but I think we're partial! ha!

What a cool sewing machine. I've REALLY enjoyed mine that my parents got me for Christmas. Your Mom is so talented, so I'm sure you will be a sewing genius in no time!

I love the flowers! Husbands can be so sweet!!

Love you and miss you!

Karen said...

I know how excited you are to have her back in our area again! I can't believe how those girls have grown!