A Special Anniversary

Established July 21, 1979
Celebrating 29 years July 21, 2008
Happy 29th Anniversary Daddy and Momma! We are so proud to call you our parents. You have shown us girls what we want our marriages to be, and provided us a sense of security our whole lives in the love that you have shown each other as husband and wife. Enjoy your special day, and know that we are so happy that this year you are celebrating TWENTY NINE years of marriage.


Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary to mom and dad!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them and I don't even know them. So wish I could sit down and spend a day with your mom,she's priceless. I'm guessing your daddy is, too.

Jennifer said...

what a happy time!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

There is no greater foundation to start off in life with, than happily married parents is there? We just celebrated our parents 40th, and I think it's so sweet that you are honoring yours here!! =)