New "Do"

I chopped my hair off. I love experimenting with my hair. This was actually a birthday present from my sissy, Ashley. A new cut and back to blonde. I'm especially fond of the "stack" in the back. It gives my hair soooo much body. My hairdresser rocks.

Second (curly) style courtesy of my new neighbor and friend, Rachel. She has these professional rollers that she used to do my hair today. No hairspray, no mousse. I'm going to be getting some in the next few days:)


Tracy said...

You're always beautiful, no matter the hair!

Karen said...

Oh honey....love the curls! You know I'm a fan of your curly looks.
Love it!

Jennifer said...

I'm with Tracy :o)

but I always love you blonde! I think b/c it reminds me of our high school days.

The short do is precious! You look great!

Hmph. I miss you.

Dawn said...

OHG!!! Absolutely adorable. I love both ways. Especially the curly. I actually thought maybe it was naturally that way before I read your neighbor curled it. Awesome present!

Anonymous said...

So cute! You sure look like your momma! Two beauties :)

Your mom makes me laugh because I always like my girls with curls, too.

Must admit that the straight look is very sharp and sophisticated.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday dear Christie!
Happy Birthday to you!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you......Happy Birthday to Youuuuu......Happy Birthday, dear baby-girlllll......HAPPY BIRRRRTHDAYYYY TOOOO YOUUUUU!!!!!!
(((write a new post, please!!!)))

Lori said...

Your hair is pretty straight and pretty curly.
I really need to get some of those hot rollers for my straight hair.