Gigantor Basket

After pining over all the large quilt baskets on pinterest, blogs, etc., Momma and I came across a wonderful basket at TJMaxx in Charlotte over Christmas.  Unfortunately, I had no room to shove one more single thing in our car to go home with us.  So, I reluctantly left it.  Then a few weeks later, when we were spending the day in Wilmington, we walked through that TJMaxx.  And wouldn't ya know, they had my basket there too! I was so happy and snatched it up immediately.  With basket prices being upward of 75.00 for this size, I was really excited at the 50.00 price tag.  It's a soft weave which makes it a little floppy, and I was able to fit 5 blankets in it (one being in the bottom that you can't see, just in case you are counting them, and thinking that I can't count, heehee), including a large quilt.  I finally convinced J to get rid of the fish tank as all of the little fish were dying, and the algae eater was getting too big, and murdering the small fish.  I didn't think they were supposed to be murderous, but ours was.  Psycho.  

It freed up that corner that I had dreamed of having a big basket of blankets in, and so that's exactly where it went.  I rearranged some of the wall decor, and added a bit more over the basket.  It's a much better corner now.  Plus, the surround sound speaker isn't sticking out like a sore thumb quite as badly.

It makes me want to dive in and take a nap.  Ok, so it's not quite that big, but you get the point.

Doesn't that just say it's cozy nap time to you!?  It does me, especially on these chilly winter days.


Ash said...

Love that corner now! So cute. It was time for your fish tank to go.

Karen said...

Yeah, that tank cleaner weirded me out. He was icky. Did I spell weird right? It does not look right to me today. Huh. Oh well, I love your new basket and its purpose. I miss mine that got reclaimed. :(((

Enjoy your day! Love you!