My Momma

My mom is the best.  For many reasons.  But, I was going through some pictures that had been overlooked, and I found this one.  It was from my last visit home.  She always has our room set up so nicely.  There are always comfy sheets and feather comforters with old quilts, and big fluffy pillows on our bed, a yummy candle burning with some low lighting  to make it feel extra super cozy, and being as awesome as she it, she always remembers the little things.  Like this.  It's a basket full of treats, complete with a spoon and napkins.  Even a water.  She is always one step ahead of me, still looking out for her girl (even if her girl is...gasp...30), making sure I have what I need if a middle-of-the-night low blood sugar strikes.  She's pretty neat.  And she's mine:)


Karen said...

Awww.....! Now you made me teary. As long as I'm on this earth, there will be no untreated, or UNDERtreated lows. ;o)
And I seem to remember many trips to see you where I have the same coziness in our room, too.
Thank you, and I love you!
See you in four days!!!!

Ash said...

She IS the BEST Momma EVER!!!

Renea said...

You guys made me teary!!! That is so incredibly sweet! Love the new blog title too:)