Mike's Farm 2012

Ok, I really did have good intentions to do lots of Christmas posts, and again, I'm starting later than I wanted.  But thanks to blogger, I am apparently out of photo storage and can only upload through Google+, so that took me a hot minute to figure out.  Plus, I've been battling the worst kidney stone EVER.  2 weeks and it hasn't passed.  Urologist can't see me until January 3rd.  Nice.  Thank heavens for good meds.  I'm telling you, never had pain like this ever (if you've had one, you know what I'm talking about, I though I was dying, apparently my body did too because I couldn't stop throwing up from the pain).  The first week, I was so doped up, I couldn't even drive.  But thankfully, this week hasn't been as bad.  Praying it's on it's way out.  Ash, Matt, Austin, and Alaina were here when it happened, I don't know what I would have done, they were AWESOME!  Jason's wonderful command wouldn't let him come right away, go figure.  God was looking out for me, for sure!  Anyways, enough of that.
So, this year will probably be our last for Mike's Farm.  It is and has been one of our favorite Christmas traditions for years.  We started going with our original (and first) group of friends here in Jacksonville.  Sadly, they are all gone, and J and I are the only ones left here.  This year, we invited our new friends, Chris and Ashley (and baby Lilli) to go with us.  They had never been, and I think they had a good time.  Who wouldn't love Mike's Farm!?  Country dining with a rustic farm atmosphere, and Christmas lights hayrides!
Waiting for the restaurant to call us:
There's always a wait, so we snacked on chocolate covered marshmallows and hot chocolate.  Oh. my.

Sweet little lanterns with wreaths are all over the place giving a warm glow.

Lotsa lights everywhere!
He's so handsome.  He is a trooper too..this was after 24 hour duty, you can tell he's beat.
The start of the hayride with Chris, Ashley, and Lilli.  Isn't Lilli precious!?

The light show..every year it gets bigger.  I didn't even get some of my favorites, my phone died before the hayride was over.

An old gas station and car (got this one for my Austin).

Sweet little forest with a bridge over the "creek".

I'm pretty sure this is a moonshine setup...

And, no, the live nativity was not next to the moonshiners, lol!

We had a really good time, it was chilly and clear out..perfect seasonal weather.  They even have a snow machine at the end.  REALLY got me in the mood for a good snow.  I so hope we see some this year!  Today is near 70 degrees out though.  Makes me sad.  I sure hope it turns cold fast, I don't like tropical Christmases.  I have it chilly in my house, and I'm pretending it is cold.  It's raining today, so that helps me feel like it is not as warm as it is.  I'm working on taking pictures of all the Christmas decorations at our house, and hope to get them up soon.  I just have to get a few of the lights at night because it's so much cozier:)


Karen said...

Stooopid kidney stones. I know what you went through. I hope they can find out what's causing them, and stop them!
It's kind of sad that you won't be back to Mike's Farm after this year, but really happy that it means you'll be home next year this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and that sweet baby?.....love her!
See you in a little. Love you lots!

G Man said...

Now thats more like it.

Christie Belle said...

I'm glad we'll be home too, that far outweighs being here and going to Mike's Farm! Can't wait to be home for Christmas this year:) Thanks, Daddy, I'm glad you're happy;) Love y'all too!

Ash said...

Ahh! So pretty! All I remember about Mike's Farm is the mac & chz...lol, j/k! I would love to see the lights there! I miss you!!!