Hubby of the Year!

J is always hubby of the year, because he is just so wonderful to me:)  But the main reason for this post is because I appreciate him and the fact that he always supports anything that I want to do.  All my hair-brained ideas, crafting, my photography, house renovations, and most recently, my desire to start building stuff!  Furniture, signs, crates, etc.  You've seen some of the posts already.  Small projects that are teaching me the basics.  J is such a good teacher too.  Very patient with me.  But, what really just made me super happy, was that he went out and bought me a bunch of the basic stuff I needed (partially so I wouldn't be stealing his, I think).  He got me a mini tool box like his, a Kreg Jig (if you don't know what this is, look it up..they are super awesome for butting planks of wood up next to each other for table tops, signs, whatever), a new drill set, and stocked my tool box with some basic tools.  He even bought me some of my favorite stain, which I discovered on the Shanty 2 Chic blog (one of my faves).  Some of the stuff in the pictures, I already had, but he filled in with some other stuff.  This to me says he believes in me, that he thinks I can do whatever I put my mind to.  And that.  It just means the world to me.  To have a husband who supports and believes in you.  It's just awesome!  Oh, not pictured, is a table saw..that was for both of us;o)


Ash said...

You for sure have an amazing husband! He is really supportive in all your adventures. I am supportive in all your adventures too, remember that. Cause you could reward me with projects!

Karen said...

I agree with Ashley, too. ;o) He's pretty awesome, that one. Love you, Jason.
Of course you know I love you, too my firstborn.