Bedroom Storage Basket

I finally came across a basket large enough to hold pillows for our bedroom.  I had found several online, but after factoring in shipping, it was going to be too costly for me to justify it.  So, I continued to search and keep my eyes peeled for one.  We made a quick sweep through TJ Maxx last week when we were in Morehead City, and wouldn't ya know, there sat my basket on the top shelf in the housewares department.  And for a mighty fine price.  So, home it came with me.  My inspiration for this basket is pinned here.  If you see in the pin, I loved the idea of a stenciled basket.  I didn't want it to say "PEACE" though, I thought "REST" was more fitting for our bedroom.  So, I used my handy dandy wide-format/extra long length format printer, and printed off some big letters.  I used the font "Birch Std", font size 1000.  I'm pretty sure if you don't have a special format printer, you can just print it on two pages and then fit them together.  Then, just cut 'em out, tape them where you want them on  your basket and stencil.  I used a 1 1/4" spouncer brush from Walmart to dab the paint on.  Then peel your stencil off, and voila!  After I took the stencil off, I touched up the paint (with a regular, small paintbrush) in the nooks and crannies to make the letters a little darker and clearer.  I'm loving the finished look, and it is perfect in the bedroom!

My basket and blank canvas:

I used an acrylic paint by Folk Art in Vintage White (515).

Painted and drying!

I threw some extra pillows in there (I LOVE PILLOWS, if you haven't noticed!), as well as another throw blanket, too.  I think it completed the look perfectly!

It's a great piece that you see as soon as you walk in the bedroom door.  It kinda sets the mood for the room.  Take a deep breath...ahhhh....

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Karen said...

Well that turned out really cute! Your room looks very peaceful and restful. Love you!