I Heart Mod Podge

Ashwee gave me the idea of recovering with scrapbook paper and mod podge for letters, frames, etc.  So I took a letter that was black and kinda boring, made it polka dotted red with some distressing around the edges.  I also did a couple of frames that Ash gave me that were broken and she wasn't using anymore.  I repurposed those, and once Walgreens gets their online photo order system back up, I will order some new prints for these.  The second one is missing a back, so I have to come up with a replacement for that one, and then I will probably hang it or prop it somewhere.  And lastly, I had a plain wooden frame laying around that I painted with Vintage White acrylic paint, then roughed it up with some sandpaper.  I took the back and glass off, and used it to frame a skeleton key and hung it up in my office.  I like the new purpose of it much better.

All of my "new" frames!


Karen said...

What great ideas! They all look brand new, and you might just have you a little repurposing business there! Goodwill and thrift stores have these frames all the time.

Ash said...

Well those just turned out precious! I love them :)

Ash said...

I wanna learn how to mod-podge!! Ash, you and me need a craft-night so y'all can teach me all this neat stuff!! :)