Countertop Ice Cream Maker

I've had my eye on this baby for a few months, and it was on my birthday list.  And J got it for me.  I think he got it for himself a little too.  I had picked out the berry blue color because it's just so pretty.  I am so very happy with the way this thing works.  It's so easy, comes with yummy recipes, and it's fast!  Once you have your ingredients mixed and refrigerated, it only takes 15-20 minutes to freeze, no salt or anything.  And the ice cream is right in between too soft and too hard.  It doesn't make as much as traditional ice cream makers, but still made about 4-5 bowls.  We have left overs in the freezer, and it saved really well.  A little harder, but pretty much the same as when it comes out of the machine.  The trick is that you freeze the special container and then when you're ready, you fill it with the ingredients, place it on the base, put the mixing paddle in, cover it and turn it on.  It's still a little loud, but nothing like they usually are.  I highly recommend this, it's a Cuisinart and for 50 something bucks, it's not a bad price.  Yummy.

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Karen said...

and it's blue. ;o)