Easter Fingernails

So, I am loving the glitter nail trend, and I've seen several blogs and pins on Pinterest where they paint only the ring finger fingernail with the glitter as an accent.  Well, I decided Easter Sunday would be the perfect day for this look.  After a last minute trip home for Easter, the gals made a Target run on Friday.  Plus, Target stocks Essie nail polish, which I adore.  So, after about 15 minutes standing in front of the nail polish, staring, and checking out each and every pink, I decided on Muchi, Muchi by Essie for my nail color, and Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Razzle Dazzler for my glitter.  I was really impressed by the glitter, as it has such a pretty pink base color. 

And, here's how they turned out..I thought they were sooo cute, and it lasted almost 4 days without a single chip (washing, peeling and chopping veggies and also making fruit salad did them in!).  I will be doing this manicure again soon:)

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Karen said...

Most adorable! Miss you already. :(