BB Cream

I have been hearing about BB Creams and how they are so much more than just a primer.  So, after finding a coupon in this month's Cosmo for it (1.00 off), I headed to Walmart.  And CVS.  And Walgreens.  Every place was sold out of the light/medium.  But I did find that Walgreens had it on sale for 3 dollars off!  Making it 4 dollars off with my coupon.  Score!  Well, on the way back from Morehead City on Monday, we stopped by two Walgreens.  No luck at the first one, but the second one had it!  Finally!  Well, let me tell you.  It is all that they say it is.  I love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone.  It's slightly tinted, so if you don't want to do full makeup, this is perfect.  And it's got SPF in it, so it's a good go-to for a day at the beach when you don't wear makeup, but still want a little coverage (I always feel I need something).  It goes on somewhere in between a foundation and lotion.  Anyways, go get some, you won't be disappointed!


Karen said...

We might just have to look for it here when you come up! Can't wait! Love you both!

Ash said...

I will just try yours while you are here :) And if I love it then I will buy some!

Karen said...

Ok, time to move on, everytime I come here and see the title all I can think of in my head is Butt Cream. Don't know why, don't ask me why. Crazy, I know. BB cream. Hunh.