Home Product Review

Just my opinions on some products we've bought and used recently, just in case someone stumbles across this and was thinking about trying one of them!

My favorite laundry detergent ever!  It not only leaves your clothes smelling delish, but your house smells amazingly while doing laundry.

 NOT a fan.  Iron out in powder form works great for removing rust like stains while cleaning but smells icky. Especially if you have well water at the East coast, orange like stains can be common and a pain to remove.  So I thought these would help stay on top of the problem for the toilets.  It smells like Iron Out every time you flush and if you've ever smelled it, you know this is not a good thing, AND it did nothing to help.  I'll stick with the good ole fashioned blue toilet tabs, they work better and make your water a pretty shade.

 Bissell Steam & Sweep, an excellent buy!  It sweep vacuums and steam cleans your floors all at the same time, all you have to do is add water and plug in, plus it comes with two reusable, washable microfiber pads so you don't have to buy new pads for each use.  Our hard floors are so clean!  Steam, in my opinion, is working better than water and soap in a bucket.

Not a fan of this one either, I like Affresh better for my HE cleaner, does a better job and has a better smell.

And, lastly, my favorite new home product/appliance!  My new Bissell Rewind Premier Pet Vacuum.  We did not want to invest the money into a Dyson, even though I've heard they are great, so we went with a middle of the road vac.  I'm so pleased with it, I never realized how much Kojak fuzz my old vac left behind, or how much fur was ground down in the carpet, hidden to the human eye.  After one go-round with the new one, the tank was full of..you guessed it, tons and tons of fur.  Enough to make two pomeranians!  Plus it has pet friendly attachments for furniture and hard to reach spots.  And it doesn't hurt that it's pink.

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Karen said...

I wish I could use the steam cleaner on the floors here, but I don't think it would help. Especially since we have cracks between the boards. :o/
Good idea, I like product reviews!
Love you!!