So many times, I hear people complain about how much they hate Jacksonville, and while I can relate when it comes to talking about the main drag in town where every other building is a "buy-here, pay-here" car lot, a tattoo parlor, a strip club, or a pool hall, the rest of this area of NC is absolutely beautiful!  Not many people can drive 10-20 mins. and be at the beach, eating at a restaurant overlooking the ocean.  So I choose to see the blessings in living in a not-so-desirable military town.

Our view at dinner a few weeks ago:


Karen said...

I do believe that you're blooming where you're planted. A trait I'm absolutely positive you learned from us while growing up. I seem to recall saying that over and over and over......
Can't wait to see you escape there this week-end!
Love you!!

Renea said...

Our dream is to retire to Morehead City or Beaufort one day. Totally envious of you guys:o)