Tinkering Tuesday

My sister, Ashley, and I have decided to do some theme blogging if you haven't noticed:)  Tuesdays are for posting about hobbies, crafts, projects, and things you enjoy doing and making.  Sooo, I figured since my most favorite-ist hobby is photography, that I would share a few shots from my latest shoot as my Tinkering Tuesday post!
This was the shoot I did for Rachel and Jimi right before they left NC, I just got done editing and so here's a peek at the finished product!  They were so much fun and we got so many good shots!


Renea said...

You always do a fantabulous job!!!

Ash said...

LOVE those! They are so cute! I need new pictures.

Carolina Gal said...

These are just really great pictures! I especially love the last one, how the reflection in the water is so vivid.