Thankful Thursday

I always try to be thankful, so I think Thankful Thursdays is a good reminder of our blessings, big or small.  This Thursday, I am going to choose to post about the manufacturer that built our house, sending it's contractors up from Georgia to fix our house! 

They have been here the past two days fixing all the little things that were not completed or were messed up during building or moving and setting up.  Being a little OCD, these little fixes were really grinding on my nerves, but the stubborness in me wasn't going to pay to fix them when we just paid good money for a NEW house, that shouldn't have anything wrong with it.  So, I am thankful today that they are here making everything right!


Ash said...

So glad they are fixing your problems. I wouldn't have fixed them either. It's their fault, and I wouldn't pay a dime!

Carolina Gal said...

I could hear them coming in and out while we were on the phone yesterday. I hope they are finished, finally?!
Love you!