A Few Things I've Learned (and been reminded of) the Past Few Days

- NEVER, I mean NEVER go to Onslow Hospital ER.  They are absolutely the slowest ER I have ever been to.  We waited almost 5 hours in the waiting room, and were never seen.  We finally decided to take our chances on base at 11:30 last night.  I only had to wait 30 minutes there.  (The reason for the trip was me, I was hit suddenly with excruciating pain in my lower abdomen/pelvis area yesterday evening out of nowhere.  I was doubled over and in tears, nothing like I've ever felt before.  Still sore today, but they were able to rule out most of the serious, threatening things it could have been.  I don't like not having an answer, but peace of mind over it not being certain things is enough to satisfy me for now.)

-A morphine/zofran cocktail via IV is enough to totally knock you out.  Almost 17 hours later and I am still drowsy.  This was my first time having morphine.  Weird feeling for sure.

- Naval Hospital employees are not as professional as civilian hospitals.  I guess it's the whole military mentality thing. 

- Our dog can refrain from messing in the house (right after eating dinner, mind you) for 8 hours.  That's how long he got left last night during this whole ordeal.  I was proud of the little bugger.

- My husband is a wonderful man.  I already knew this, but when I am sick, he really shines, even more than other times, if that is possible.  He takes charge, and takes care of me.  He runs around and does everything I need, babies me, and geniunely does whatever he can to make me feel better or at least comfortable, everything that I am used to coming from home with a mom who did all those things.  I know you're proud too, Momma :)

- Batteries for Hemi engines are more than twice the price of regular car batteries.  Wish I woulda known that when we bought the Jeep!

- Buying a house is a long and drawn out process.  I am so impatient.  Closing is finally set for Monday at 10:00am. 

- I look more natural as a light colored brunette.  My new color is called Acorn.  Will post pictures soon.

- Family is the most important thing (next to a relationship with God) in this life.  A good family, like ours, is the biggest blessing.  I just feel so fortunate to have my family.  I love y'all so much!  You all mean so much more than I know how to express...


Renea said...

ER's are worthless sometimes, you do have to wait forever and they put people before you with the sniffles. SO glad they ruled out the big stuff, but if you have the pain again GO BACK, you don't want to mess around with that.

Go Kojak! I think Oakley could do this too, but Josh won't give him the chance to stay out in the house alone.

Isn't it great to have a hubby that loves you and cares for you and shows it!!!

I thought you were already in your house....happy closing on Monday!!!

Carolina Gal said...

I'm so glad that it was not the "biggie" things, and Becky just gave me an idea that it could be. I'll call you later.
I'm AM very proud of our marine! He does take very good care of you in these circumstances. Way to go, Jason!
Your hair color is just right. I love it, and I love you both!

Jennifer said...

I'm SO glad you are ok! Praying you are feeling good as new soon!

Can't wait to see your hair :o) Although you'd be beautiful with hot pink hair!

Love you and miss you!